A favorite stop for commuters looking for a jolt to start their day, Brewers Coffee, owned by Madison Brewer, serves up hand-crafted beverages and snacks with a side of fantastic customer service.

“COVID-19 threw us a monkey-wrench early on and, like many businesses, we had no idea how or what the restrictions would be or how we would deal with them,” says Brewer. “Nonetheless, we knew we would continue pushing forward. As a drive-thru business, we were able to stay open for our customers and be one of the few much needed constants in a changing world.” Brewer considers herself lucky in that she was one of the few places to stay open and serve customers.

Brewer is a great believer in passing it on, especially since a custom in the coffee stand business is when a customer “pays it forward” by purchasing coffee for the next customer in line. To that end, Columbia Bank is picking up the tab and Brewers Coffee is giving out “Coffee Care Packages” to local fire departments and wildfire teams. The care packages will include a coffee pot, their locally roasted coffee, hand written cards, syrups, treats, snacks and more. To Brewer, passing it on and paying it forward are what’s needed now, more than ever.