While many businesses have the word “family” in their title, Bowman Family Dental also has the years of service to back it up. “We have been proudly serving the dental needs of Woodburn, Oregon for more than fifty years,” says owner, Dr. Mary Beth Bowman. “I personally have carried on the mission started by my father for more than two decades.”

Historic as their service has been, they’ve never experienced such a disruption as the global pandemic. “Our long history of ongoing service to the community was broken when we had to close our doors for three months,” says Bowman. “It’s been such a challenge, but we are now close to being back to full strength.”

As such a pillar of the community, Bowman and team were only too happy to join in with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. It gave them an opportunity to give back to the community they’ve been a part of for so many years. That is why Bowman Family Dental is providing dental care items to local families in need and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are thrilled to be passing it on by purchasing and donating dental care items to local charities for use by kids and their families,” says Bowman. “Preventative dental care is critical for health and wellbeing, and with Columbia Bank’s support, we are going to make sure many families get the care they need.”