For Jennifer and Madison Gaskill, owners of Blush Bridal & Tux Shop in Eugene, Oregon, their goal is to make the special occasions of life such as proms and weddings a true once-in-a-lifetime experience, no matter the budget. Offering both top of the line dresses and tuxes, as well as consignment garments and discontinued styles, Blush Bridal truly has something for anyone wanting to shop local and get the dress or tux that fits their price option.

What didn’t fit however, was the fact that the global pandemic hit right before prom and spring wedding season – typically the store’s busiest. “It was devastating,” says Jennifer Gaskill. “We had to close the shop and couldn’t provide any hours to our staff. We tried as best we could to provide some services and support to customers during this incredibly difficult time.”

That effort to support their clients during adversity is a key element of how the Gaskill’s and Blush Bridal are Passing it On now. “We know several clients who have been laid off or furloughed and the money is incredibly tight, yet they still have a wedding to plan and pay for,” says Madison Gaskill. “So, we are going to give a free wedding dress to a client so they can look their best on their most special day.”

With Columbia Bank paying the bill, The Gaskill’s are – as they both say – “bringing a little light into the darkness.”