If you are ever passing by Blue Mountain Orthodontics in Walla Walla, Washington early in the day and you hear shouting – don’t be alarmed. “Every morning, our team does a cheer where we all shout, ‘I’m gonna do whatever I do with REEEEAL ENERGY!’,” says owner Dr. Nadia Farjo. This spirit and enthusiasm is evident in their work where their goal is to help patients “smile with confidence.”

Unfortunately, some of that energy was sapped by the pandemic. “We did have to close our office during the early stages of COVID and still with reopening, it has been a challenge,” says Dr. Farjo.

Even with these challenges, Dr. Farjo and team are continuing to demonstrate their passion and commitment and they were excited when their banker approached them about joining Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. “We have a young patient who really needs orthodontic work, so we are passing it on with services at a reduced cost,” says Dr. Farjo. “His family has been greatly impacted by the pandemic, so with Columbia Bank helping to pay the bill, we are going to be able to help this great young person smile with confidence.”