Since 1993, Bill & Bea’s Espresso has been serving up their specialty blend of espresso and delicious coffee beverages to the folks of Centralia, Washington, and have even added newer concoctions including Red Bull and Lotus energy drinks. As a drive through espresso stand, many residents will say Bill & Bea’s drinks are just as important as the gas in the cars to keep people moving.

According to owner, Melanie Reichert, “2020 has been a year of resilience, strength and hope for many small businesses, ours included.” With diligence and hard work, Bill and Bea’s has been able to stay open during the pandemic due to rigorous sanitizing and cleaning. “We’ve been fortunate,” says Reichert, “and we just knew we had to stay open. We serve the kind of people who tend to pay for the strangers in line behind them, just to do something nice.”

Reichert and crew are extending that same level of support and kindness by Passing It On to people who serve others each and every day. Bill & Bea’s is giving away 100 $10 gift cards to first responders and essential workers throughout the area and Columbia Bank is paying the bill.

“During this time, a lot of things are uncertain but what is certain is how we respond. We can make small positive changes each day to continue forward to a healthier future,” says Reichert. “We can be the positive change by sharing the joy of coffee to brighten someone’s day.”