For Kathy Arnold, owner of the Bicycle Butler in Spokane, Washington, bikes are more than just a business. “Bikes are such an important part of people’s lives – especially these days,” she says. “With the pandemic in full force, people have really rediscovered both the fun and utility of bikes and that has made it hard to fulfill orders.”

The fact that bikes have been hard to source has made business for Bicycle Butler kind of a rollercoaster during the pandemic. “The first week (of the stay-home order) it was kind of slow,” she says, “and then it has been ramping up pretty consistently since then. Now, we can’t get enough bicycles through a broken supply chain to meet demand.”

The difficulty getting supplies has driven home the need to do whatever they can to help feed people’s need for bikes and that is a big reason why Arnold and team are participating in Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. To help, Bicycle Butler is providing bikes and gear to families in need and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “Even with our difficulties in getting bikes, we are still going to be passing it on to a few families who need bikes but can’t afford it right now,” says Arnold. “With Columbia Bank’s help, we will do what we can to help keep a family biking together.”