With maybe the best names chiropractors can have, Dr. Ryan Bones and Cassidy Bones, owners of Beyond Bones Chiropractic, have a team of experts at determining how the spine affects the nervous system and how specific adjustment can ease pain and suffering. “We provide help to people with chronic health conditions who have been everywhere, tried everything and are close to losing hope.”

In many ways, it was hope that lead the office through the worst of the pandemic. “We realized that with the mandates in place, especially in physical contact with patients, we were going to have a serious problem,” says Bones. “But we placed our confidence in our team and our ability to meet the needs of patients with much more stringent precautions. We had a lot of hope that we could survive and we did.”

By keeping the business open, the Bones and their team are excited to partner with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. They are now passing it on to the people in Coeur d’Alene who also help people through bad situations. “With Columbia Bank footing the bill, we are going to be providing free services to first responders to make sure they get the care they need after they so selflessly care for others,” says Bones.