Many years ago, David Benson had the misfortune of having his roommate steal the rent money and leave him with no place to go. Out of the blue however, a total stranger invited him to stay at his place. Today, Benson is the proud owner of Benson Filter Maintenance, providing complete HVAC repair and maintenance, but has never forgot that amazing act of compassion. “That lesson taught me how important it is to help those in need when you can,” he says.

Even though the pandemic has impacted his business, Benson continues to look for ways to help others.

“There are a lot of people hurting and I want to help wherever I can,” says Benson. That is why Benson was excited to join Columbia Bank to help provide a little extra support to those in need through their Pass It On Project. “I’m passing it on by providing filter services to people who are unemployed, senior citizens and others who are just plain struggling. With Columbia Bank paying for the services, I hope I can make their lives just a little bit better.”