Bellwether Brewing in Spokane, Washington is so much more than just beer. “When we started, we really wanted to create a community – not just great beer,” says owner of the neighborhood brewery, Dave Musser. “We are a gathering place and network of friends, brewers and community backgrounds.”

Being a gathering place, of course has been one of the first casualties of the global pandemic. “We’ve never been just about slinging beer, but we have had to readjust based on closures and order to reduce people inside the business,” says Musser. “So, we have moved more into canning and wholesale distribution.”

Yet the community they created remains. When asked to join in Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, they knew exactly who they wanted to help. That is why Bellwether Brewing is providing some of their craft beers to support a fundraiser for their brewery community and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing it on with craft beers for local fundraiser to support our local brewing community,” says Musser. “This time has been very hard, but one of the beautiful things to come of it has been the strengthening bonds in our group and with Columbia Bank’s help, we are going to make them even stronger.”