When a non-profit in the Greater Spokane Area asks for the famous brownie platter for an event, Beacon Hill Catering & Events always delivers. The family-owned business, which provides handcrafted catering and a distinctive venue to clients, is no stranger to the pass it on mentality.

But food and hospitality were one of the hardest-hit industries during the COVID-19 shutdowns, and Ellie Aaro’s catering business was not immune. Almost every wedding planned at her venue had to be postponed or canceled. “As a business it’s hard to lose these events, but it’s even harder to hear the couple’s stories of delayed hopes and dreams,” she said.

With a mentality like that, it’s not surprising that Ellie was thrilled to jump in to give back to Spokane, a community she says is built on camaraderie, trust, and friendship. That’s why she’s passing it on to the Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation (PHF) by catering one of their upcoming events. Hydrocephalus is a rarely-discussed brain condition where excessive fluid gathers in the brain, placing potentially harmful pressure on brain tissues. It occurs in 1 out of 500 births and can be fatal if left unchecked. “PHF works to educate the community by raising awareness and raise funds for medical research,” Ellie said. “PHF also provides support to the families, friends, and children who are diagnosed with Hydrocephalus.”

Columbia Bank is picking up the tab for the event’s catering and can only hope that the famous brownie platter makes a triumphant appearance as part of the spread.