Making what is widely-known to be the best carne asada rolls around, BC Sandoval also provides many other Hispanic specialties and groceries. But it is the connection to community that really makes the market such a special place. “I have the greatest customers I can imagine,” says owner Alfredo Sandoval. “I even have one regular customer who always leaves extra money for the next person in line when he shops.”

Those loyal customers are like so many other Northwesterner’s suffering during the pandemic. “We are essential and have been able to stay open, but it’s been so hard to watch my customers – my friends – struggle during this time,” he says.

This empathy for his shoppers and his community is why Sandoval and his employees are joining with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. “We are providing free groceries to customers,” says Sandoval. “Many of them are having a really hard time during this economic crisis, and with Columbia Bank’s support, we are going to help them out in every way we can.” BC Sandoval Market is providing free groceries to customers in need and Columbia Bank is paying the bill.