If you walk into Bayview Optical of Tacoma, Washington and see a four-legged optometrist with floppy ears, don’t worry – it’s not your vision. “My dog Mya has been greeting customers at the shop for more than 16 years,” says owner Dr. Nancy Muse.

In such a high-touch occupation, Muse had to close the office for more than two months while her and her staff had to reconfigure their entire operation during the early stages of the pandemic. “It was very stressful and I needed to take a big cut in pay just to be able to make it all work,” she says.

When Columbia Bank approached Muse about the Pass It On Project, Muse knew exactly what to do. They are providing free eyecare to a patient who has lost their vision insurance and Columbia is picking up the tab. “I wanted to make sure that one of my patients didn’t have to go without vision care during this difficult time,” says Muse, “and with Columbia providing the financial support, I can really help someone in true need.” According to Muse, the greeting from Mya is free as well.