For more than 50 years, Axner Excavating of Redding, California has provided its customers with landscaping supplies and excavation services. “Being in business for so long, we really get to know our customers,” says owner Julie Tatom. “What’s more, we’ve been a big part of the growth and prosperity of Redding and much of northern California.” When it comes to providing landscape supplies from sand to seed, as well as excavation services, Axner Excavating is a true institution in Shasta County.

For Tatom and her team, their longevity in the market and deep connections with clients make giving back to their community second nature. “Pass it on means to share the blessings that you have been given with other people,” she says. “We’ve been so blessed to be able to build a successful business, and we feel a real sense of obligation to help others as well.”

It’s that spirit that led Tatom and Axner Excavating to join Columbia Bank’s Pass It On project. Knowing there are people in the community that are still being impacted by COVID and the economic impacts related to it, Axner Excavating is providing free services to customers in need, and Columbia Bank is footing the bill.