Dr. Eric Brown, Animal Medical Care Petey the Chihuahua

It can be tough to follow in your parent’s footsteps in the family business. But for Dr. Eric Brown—whose father started Animal Medical Care in 1976 and served as president of the Oregon Veterinary Association—it’s a legacy he carries on with joy. What started out of the family home now employs eight people and provides full veterinary service in coastal Newport.

As part of a small community, being there for your neighbor was a lesson taught to Eric as a principle to live by daily, not something to aspire to only when times are easy. When you live in a place where everybody knows everyone else, the impact of giving is personal and profound.

The COVID-19 outbreak hasn’t spared Newport’s tourist- and hospitality-driven economy, impacting the livelihoods of many locals. As a result, Animal Medical Care has been seeking out ways it can continue to serve its community, particularly those who have fallen on difficult financial times.

Dr. Brown and his practice have worked with Columbia Bank for years. Knowing Animal Medical Care’s story and desire to lift the Newport community, Columbia Bank was sure they had a great partner for the Pass It On Project. In no time, Dr. Brown and his staff identified an older Chihuahua named Petey who desperately needed dental surgery. Petey’s owner has been out of work for eight weeks—and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab for that service. Thanks to the Pass It On Project, one more furry family member is well taken care of by Animal Medical Care.