Anderson River CrossFit, of Anderson, California is probably not the kind of fitness center where one idly passes the time doing a leisurely 30 minutes on the treadmill. “We are an all-inclusive fitness facility that will challenge one’s mind-body connection,” says owner Kyle Hass. “We promote efficiency of movement, management of emotion, and presence of mind under stress and fatigue.”

Such a philosophy became even more useful during the height of the pandemic as Hass and his team worked hard to keep their clients on the right mental and physical path. Hass is also hoping to give some clients an extra boost in the near future.

When contacted about Columbia Bank’s Pass it On Project, Hass and his team were excited to have the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and passion for fitness to people in need. Anderson River CrossFit is partnering with Columbia to provide some much needed physical and mental support to a couple of special clients and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are passing in on to two clients – one who is recovering from the financial hardship and another who is recovering from the health challenges of COVID,” says Hass. “With Columbia Bank picking up the tab, we know these two clients will benefit greatly.”