On the wind-swept plains of Eastern Washington’s Palouse, Alpine Animal Hospital of Pullman provides uniquely compassionate and comprehensive care to much of the community’s pets. “We are a multi-doctor practice, dedicated to providing vet medical services to meet almost every need of every pet,” says co-owners, Dr. Ashely Nichols and Dr. Jennifer Ronngren. “We feel it is a real privilege to provide care and support for people’s beloved animals.”

Being able to keep that care and support going during the pandemic has been a challenge, but both Nichols and Ronngren met the problems head on. “Early on, we adjusted our staff into teams that worked mutually exclusive of each other to reduce in-person contact,” says Dr. Nichols. “Then we developed a curbside only service for clients to keep them protected as well,” adds Dr. Ronngren.

Ensuring that pets continue to get the care they need, Dr. Nichols and Dr. Ronngren were excited when invited to join Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project. In many ways, the team sees their partnership with the Pass It On program as a wonderful extension of their efforts to continue serving patients. Alpine Animal Hospital is providing reduced cost care for pets, and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We are providing free and reduced cost services to some of our clients who can’t afford care for the pets right now,” says Dr. Nichols. “With Columbia Bank picking up the bill, we can help extend medical services to even more pets during this difficult time.”