As Klickitat County’s only full-line lumber and hardware retailer, Allyn’s Building Center has you covered if you need to build a shed, shop, barn, or home. According to owner Jim Allyn, “the fun side of our business is helping people realize their dreams, whether it’s a small dream like a nice little shed, or a big dream line a brand-new house.”

“For us, we’ve remained busy as ever during the pandemic,” says Allyn. Due to the fact that they were deemed an essential business, Allyn’s was able to remain open and continued to serve the community – especially folks who needed construction services. “Yet, while we were doing fine, the community was certainly not,” says Allyn, “it’s had a real demoralizing effect on the community.”

In order to help the community he loves, Allyn’ Building Center is Passing It On by offering employee discount to purchases made by seniors and others of limited means in Goldendale. “With Columbia Bank’s financial help, we are going to help our customer’s money go further with their important home improvement project,” says Allyn.