Chan Park, All Auto Repair

A one-man-shop, All Auto Repair first opened its doors in Federal Way in 2006. For the store’s owner, Chan Park, running his business is less a job and more a labor of love. He’s been a car fan for as long as he can remember and even attended automotive school when he was 17. His favorite thing about going into work has always been not knowing what that day will entail, because each car and each job is a little different.

Deemed an essential business, All Auto Repair kept its doors open when the pandemic hit. Even so, Chan felt the economic impacts of COVID, as work slowed down significantly. For him, the silver lining has been that he never had to lay anyone off, since he works alone. Fortunately, as the recovery and reopening process has begun, his business has picked up again.

For Chan, one of the best parts of owning his business has been the ability to build relationships with longtime customers over the past 14 years. And thanks to the Pass It On Project, he’ll be able to help one of those customers who has been hit especially hard financially by the pandemic’s economic fallout. Chan will pay it forward by repairing this customer’s car, which is suffering from an oil leak and a broken A/C system, and Columbia Bank is picking up the tab. By doing this, All Auto Repair is taking an enormous burden off someone’s shoulders. It’s a rewarding way to improve one person’s life.