All American Gymnastics and Sports Center is a great place for kids to learn gymnastics and tumbling, and the relatively new sport of Ninja Warrior obstacle course. This family owned location has become one of Kennewick, Washington’s favorites among kids and teenagers looking to learn new skills and develop athleticism.

With so much close contact among students, All American Gymnastics was one of the hardest hit businesses around during the height of the pandemic. “We were shut down for six months,” says owner Janice Olsen. “It was so hard, not just for our business, but for all our kids who want to run and jump and exercise.

Reopening safely, Olsen and her team want to really hit the mat running. And when asked to join in on Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project, they knew exactly how to help their clientele. All American Gymnastics and Sports Center is waiving tuition for some students, and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We purchasing some new Ninja Warrior equipment and are waiving tuition for some students,” says Olsen. “They’ve been waiting a long time, and with Columbia Bank’s support, we are going to make their experience with us even better than before.”