Whether you’re working on repaving the driveway to your house or you need concrete to build a high-rise, somebody has to supply all of the raw materials for those projects. That’s where a business like Ada Sand & Gravel comes in. Brian Smith, co-owner, and Jack Williams, general manager, are proud of Ada’s legacy of serving the Boise area since 1961 and playing a role in building the city they call home.

With over 25 employees, Ada is a contributing member of Boise’s vibrant and active small business community. Brian and Jack particularly enjoy providing job opportunities for young people coming out of high school who want to learn a trade in heavy equipment and advance their careers.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ada Sand & Gravel was deemed an essential business and continued supporting construction efforts in Boise and the greater Treasure Valley. Because of that, they were able to keep their workers employed while only changing operating procedures to adjust to the virus. But while their doors remained open, they watched as other businesses shuttered and felt the emotional strain these hard times have placed on everyone.

Anxious to find a way to help, Brian and Jack were thrilled when Columbia Bank approached them about the Pass It On Project. The bank knew that a company invested in the Boise community for over 50 years would be a great partner for this initiative. With Columbia Bank picking up the tab, Ada is providing sand and gravel to the Boise Parks and Rec department for maintenance of trails and the Boise greenbelt. Given people are spending time more time than ever outside to socialize safely, this will ensure that Boise’s public spaces are available to all the families and friends that want to use them.