O2 Staffing Inc. of Redding, California, is a lifeline to local businesses, especially during the current labor shortage. “We provide critical services to local businesses and nonprofits focused on supporting their employment needs in the areas of staffing, recruiting, human resources, payroll, worker’s comp, and benefits,” says owner Heidi Corrigan. “We are a women-owned business and we are the community leader when it comes to helping local businesses for all their employment-related needs.”

In addition to supplying employment services, O2 Staffing is also keen to supply community support wherever they see the need. “One of our core values is leading in the area of service,” says Corrigan. “As such, we are constantly looking for ways to serve not only the business community, but the community at large.”

O2 Staffing was thrilled when asked to partner with Columbia Bank’s Pass It On Project to continue to show their leadership in the community. As a result of the partnership, O2 Staffing is providing resources to a local nonprofit that serves area youth and Columbia Bank is paying the bill. “We greatly believe in the mission of Catalyst Mentoring to provide support to young people in our community,” says Corrigan. “By providing this amazing group with free hiring services, we hope to help them grow and thrive. I can’t think of a better way to pass it on.”